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Now is the time to become a part of our community of donors. There are countless reasons to support MRNY -- but you don't need to take my word for it.

This month we're featuring profiles of some of MRNY's donors. Who are we? What motivates us? Click here for a sneak preview.
What motivates me is educational opportunity. 

Many of us take for granted that our children will go to college, and yet even the nuts and bolts of applying -- how you select schools, how to prepare for the SAT, how to fill out a financial aid form with all its bureaucratic complexities when your parents don't speak English well -- these pose real and sometimes insurmountable roadblocks for the students in the communities MRNY serves.

Taking on these nuts and bolts is not the type of work that every donor finds sexy, but for me it's essential.

When you donate $25, $10 or $5 a month to MRNY's Student Success Center, you help hundreds of students along the path to college.

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Our Sandy Stories - Fall 2013

MRNY is pushing back against skyrocketing rents and deteriorating housing conditions in Sandy affected areas, organizing as hard as we can to ensure that renters can afford to stay in their own communities.

We are helping low-income homeowners to negotiate with mortgage lenders, reclaim payments from unscrupulous contractors and get their fair share from insurance companies and government agencies.

And at the city level, we are also working to channel resources to eradicate mold from thousands Sandy-damaged homes. Read stories from our affected community members working together for change.


Silveria's landlord purposely demolished parts of her apartment to pressure her to move out so he could raise the rent. Now she and her fellow Bushwick tenants are standing up to landlord harassment.

MRNY has teamed up with the Real Affordability for All campaign to push for affordable and safe housing across New York City.

This spring, community residents, elected officials marched through Bushwick, Brooklyn to showcase several buildings where landlords are using abusive tactics to push tenants out of rent-regulated units and driving up rents in our communities.

During Mayor Bloomberg's administration, NYC neighborhoods experienced an unprecedented wave of gentrification and displacement. From 2005-2011, 100,000 new units were built, but only 1,900 of those units -- less than 2% -- were affordable.[1] Meanwhile, 6,500 rent stabilized units on average were lost each year as landlords pushed longtime tenants out in order to jack up the rent.[2]

As a result, thousands of tenants are suffering abuse by their landlords and living in unsafe housing conditions. Read more...


It's a new day for working class New Yorkers!

On January 17, Mayor de Blasio, City Council Speaker Mark-Viverito and members of the City Council announced an exciting new proposal to expand New York City's Paid Sick Days law, which MRNY and our partners helped to win last spring!

Under the original law, set to take effect this April, employers with 15 employees or more will be required to provide 5 paid sick days -- impacting one million workers. Mayor de Blasio's proposal would extend this requirement to businesses with 5 employees or more.

The new proposal also includes manufacturing workers (who were left out of the original law). Hundreds of thousands more New Yorkers will be able to take a paid day off to care for themselves or a sick family member. Read more...


County Executive Steve Bellone announces the new partnership.

We are excited to announce a partnership with the Departments of Social Services, Labor, and the Human Rights Commission to provide on-site County services at our Suffolk County office in Brentwood, Long Island!

Click here to read more and contact our offices about services offered.



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