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• LILAC Conference: Filling in the Gaps to Language Access 11-12-2014
“It’s simple justice that those who contribute their tax dollars through the treasury to public resources should not be excluded from the very institutions that their tax dollars are supporting,” said Nisha Agarwal, the New York City<
• Bushwick Community Space and Bar Combo Launches Campaign to Raise $40K 11-12-2014
A planned Bushwick community center that wants to double as a nightlife spot launched a Kickstarter campaign over the weekend in hopes of raising $40,000 to finish building out the space.
• Julissa Ferreras Joins Corona Residents in Planning for a Safer 111th Street 11-10-2014
Residents and community groups in Corona are working to tame traffic on an extra-wide street that separates their neighborhood from the largest park in Queens. They’re backed by a council member who, in addition to putting aside funds for the pro
• Desde NYC le exigen a Obama que detenga deportaciones 11-07-2014
Grupos pro inmigrantes reclaman al Presidente que cumpla su promesa de alivios administrativos

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Paid Sick Days Now the Law in NYC!

Starting July 30, 2014, workers in NYC can now take paid sick days under the recent expansion of the Earned Sick Time Act that MRNY members helped to win.

Building upon the original law, now workers at businesses with 5 employees or more can earn up to 5 paid days off per year to care for themselves or a sick family member. No worker in NYC can be fired for taking a sick day. Read more...