Make the Road New York
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Civil Rights

MRNY promotes the civil rights of immigrant and LGBTQ New Yorkers of color. Our work has made New York a national leader for immigrant rights by ensuring better access to government agencies, schools, and health care, while opposing inhumane federal immigration enforcement. We have:

  • Prevented thousands of deportations and family separations each year, through policy change and direct representation.

  • Worked with national allies to win "Deferred Action" to grant work permits to 1.5 million undocumented youth.

  • Educated 8,500 high school students with our Safe Schools LGBTQ awareness and anti-bullying curriculum.

  • Led community reconciliation and education initiatives after homophobic and anti-immigrant hate crimes.

  • Fought systematic LGBTQ discrimination at major retailers, winning a landmark campaign to ensure equal opportunities for transgender employees at American Eagle Outfitters.


Citizenship and Civic Engagement

MRNY engages disenfranchised communities in the democratic process. Every year, we help hundreds become citizens, register thousands to vote, and galvanize tens of thousands more to make their voices heard in the halls of government. We have:

  • Helped 12,000 immigrants become citizens through classes, test prep, and application assistance.

  • Registered 30,000 immigrant, Latino, and African American voters.

  • Educated and mobilized more than 80,000 voters in local and national elections.


Expanding Civil Rights | Promoting Health | Improving Housing
Winning Workplace Justice | Improving Public Education | Empowering Youth


NYC Immigrants Win Full Legal Representation

On July 1, New York City became the first city in the nation to provide full legal representation to all immigrants in detention who are facing deportation. Every year, for thousands of immigrants in this situation, it is virtually impossible to defend themselves against deportation without having the basic right to a public defender. Read more...