Make the Road New York
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MRNY promotes good jobs with a living wage and workers' right to organize. Our work has helped make New York's worker protections a model for the nation. We have:

  • Led the campaign to win the landmark state-level Wage Theft Prevention Act, which quadruples penalties for wage theft and protects workers from retaliation, making New York the national leader in the fight against wage theft.

  • Won $15 million in back wages and damages for exploited workers through legal representation.

  • Trained 12,000 workers how to stand up for their rights, health, and safety on the job.

  • Provided job training, certifications and placement to 1,000 people each year.


  • Helped win guaranteed paid sick days for one million NYC workers.

  • Trained 1,865 workers in workplace rights, health, and safety.

  • Placed 275 people in jobs with an average hourly wage of $13.21, helped 735 access job training and certificates, and incubated a cleaning cooperative to create living wage jobs.

  • Provided full legal representation to 445 low-wage workers to collect unpaid wages and enforce workplace laws.

  • Helped win collective bargaining contracts in six car washes, turning the tide in the campaign to organize 5,000 of the city's most exploited workers.

  • Helped increase the state's hourly minimum wage from $7.25 to $9, giving 1.5 million workers a raise.

Expanding Civil Rights | Promoting Health | Improving Housing
Winning Workplace Justice | Improving Public Education | Empowering Youth


Paid Sick Days Now the Law in NYC!

Starting July 30, 2014, workers in NYC can now take paid sick days under the recent expansion of the Earned Sick Time Act that MRNY members helped to win.

Building upon the original law, now workers at businesses with 5 employees or more can earn up to 5 paid days off per year to care for themselves or a sick family member. No worker in NYC can be fired for taking a sick day. Read more...